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Why You Need A Platform Now
And How You Can Get One
By Juda Posted in Social Media on April 1, 2020 3 min read
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Why Not?

Little Richard

Seriously though this is the perfect time for you to begin building your social platform if you are a creative.

There’s no downside to creating a platform.

Instagram is the king of the land, in terms of views and followers. IG will be your best bet on making a platform. Facebook is also a good runner-up and with a deep understanding of marketing and promotion it can be greatly beneficial to your needs. Outside of those two I would recommend twitter but that would be for a secondary account.

People who wouldn’t usually be on live streaming have figured out creative ways to utilize their platform to keep users engaged. In this article i will outline the different ways that they do so.

Some creatives have taken to podcasts and collaborative live talking sessions where they discuss things that their audience cares about or subjects that are on topic for their brand.

This is a great method if you are into doing podcasts and have an easy time discussing different things in front of people. For some this can be off-putting due to the communal aspect but again we have to remember that social distancing is a thing now. Most of your potential audience is sitting around looking for things to get into. We want to become their source of engagement and build on this.

The best PR is free PR and this includes word of mouth. Another method that works is setting up a showcase live streaming where you talk or drum up awareness for what you do. For creatives this could be a music set, tips and tricks, topic discussion or visual recaps.

This method doesn’t require other people and can easily be pre-recorded or done live depending on your preference. It’s all up to you. This can be more ideal for those who might not have the time or network to request people to assist you.

The third effective method of outreach is pre-recorded content that can be pushed out to your IGTV and story stream.

This method bypasses lives entirely but can still impact your reach to new and old followers alike. All three of the methods are highly successful when implemented correctly.

There are multiple guides and articles on the internet that discusses all of the above methods in detail. I will provide links to some helpful guides that have been created by some of my good friends that can greatly benefit you.

These guides fall under network marketing, brand development and social outreach. All of these are crucial to your platform surviving in the long run.

It also is useful to identify what kind of brand you have early on.

I’ll give you an example using this site. Juda Says is a self-help blog that gives value to the readers in the form of references from personal experience and those within my network. By identifying the core you can easily discover everything else thats needed from there on.

It helps to stay consistent across the board with your message and actions. Keep it interesting but not too random. Remember to always have some type of value added to what you do. Take a look at the links below to some additional guides and browse around the site for more articles. Thanks for reading and as always I appreciate you for your time.

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