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Streaming Is The New iPhone
Discussing Early Adopters Of Streaming and How To Replicate Their Success
By Juda Posted in Social Media on April 1, 2020 3 min read
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Remember the first time that the iPhone came out?

Leroy Jobs

Most of us can remember our first time seeing and interacting with a iPhon. Apple revolutionized a whole industry with their product and forced countless other phone companies to structure themselves to become competitors.

Nowadays you can’t see a new smart phone without seeing some type of influence from the iPhone brand.

The same thing can be said about the streaming platform heavyweight Youtube. Nearly everyone has used or interacted with Youtube and its effects on the industry have been felt across the world. From videos to music Youtube is the direct destination for some of the worlds most known creators. Having a streaming platform allowed them to reach people in many areas without the need for physical interaction.

Spotify, pandora and other music streaming sites were influenced by this as well as video services like Netflix and Roku. Providing content upon demand and utilizing the “subscribe” feature has become an essential function of most important steaming platforms today.

When developing content and brand identity it’s important to have a reliable service that allows flexibility as much as possible.

Humans change daily on their level of interaction. Over the years streaming in general has adapted and created many ways to make up for these variables.

Today there is an endless amount of companies catering to the ever growing population of digital consumers. No longer do we have to wait for content and product. Access and demand is practically a must when it comes to streaming platforms. This is what apple understood and perfected during its early years as a company. Their formula has now been replicated and used in practically all companies using any type of streaming service. Creating an ecosphere of products and content is what you want to strive for when getting into the streaming game.

If there is no substantial value associated with what you put out than anything that you do will be of no worth to viewers.

What we don’t want is “wasted time” or resources when pouring our efforts into these services we use to build our content.

Research, planning and execution are the main 3 keys you will want to grasp when starting out with understanding your place and roles within your streaming platform. While you do not have to have as strong of a following as Apple to enjoy the success of a good marketing method it does help to understand their current methods that were used and how it pertains to strategy and marketing when we talk about utilizing streaming services.

Below I have attached a few articles discussing this in greater detail and for reference. This is a great read for those of your either starting out in your social media platform journey or even for veteran streamers looking to gain more knowledge or insight. I myself have been a big apple fan and have watched them over the years grow from a small company into the giant we all see and know now. It took work, discipline and a shit load of research and analysis to get to where they’re at. With that being said, checkout the info below and browse the site for other pieces covering streaming. Thanks for reading and I appreciate you for your time.

How Apple Changed The World
How Youtube Changed The World

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