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Discovering Self - Part 1
Staying At Peace
By Juda Posted in Coronavirus, Lifestyle, Relationship on May 14, 2020 3 min read
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This is part one in a new series on discovering ones self.

What truly motivates you day in and day out to continue on?  Those of us who can answer this question quickly are blessed.  Constantly asking yourself what’s important enough to give time to can be exhausting mentally.  It’s easy to do mindless tasks and work, it takes a lot more effort to do work that’s of value.  This is why things that usually have value attached to them cost or have requirements to attain. 

Life in itself should be full of things that are meaningful and have true place in our lives.

 To discover your real purpose and calling requires a lot of time and reflection.  Our society doesn’t reward those who don’t already have the means to create and build on their own with time.  If you’re not working for a wage then you’re either self employed or homeless or broke.  I’ve come across many people who have had dreams and goals just destroyed by the reality of life and have settled for mundane work.

This is the best time to get in tune with your self and goals.

I believe the older that you get the more honest you become with yourself regarding your life choices and decisions.

 Even myself coming up to 30 years of age am still plagued with questions regarding what the future holds.  We all are faced with daily reminders of how life is incredibly stacked and varied for most of society. very factor from where you live to the amount of money you make can have a lasting effect on what your future and current goals are.  Doing what you love and enjoy should never be a mission.  It does take time to sort through ideas but it’s not out of your reach.  Society doesn’t reward this type of thinking at least in the regular sense of figuring out what to do with yourself.  I recommend taking time out of your day to constantly reaffirm what it is that you are doing with your life at the moment and what it is that you truly want to do in the long run.  If your current job or work isn’t at least helping you to build up to what you truly want to do it may be time to reassess this thing. 

With some areas being closed for another 3 months, it’s crucial to use free time effectively.

Self discovery goes hand in hand with self love. 

You cannot expect to truly understand your journey without knowing and loving yourself.  So reader, make time for your self and be sure that what you are doing day in and day out is adding value to your future in some way.  Time is always ticking and it’s something that we can’t get back.  We must value and use it wisely. 

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