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Quarantine Relationships
How To Beat The Social Distancing
By Juda Posted in Coronavirus, Lifestyle, Relationship on April 21, 2020 3 min read
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Staying connected with your partner through a pandemic is possible.

Who would’ve ever though that these two words would be together: quarantine and relationships.

Stuck inside with nothing but time, we’ve all literally been there.  How to hold a conversation via text with the same person you’ve been texting for weeks without contact.  Those FaceTime calls are getting less and less special by the hour. And you both have feelings for each other, you just never saw coronavirus coming and its ok, nobody did. 

Keeping quarantine bae requires tapping into the treasure chest of communication and conversation.

You’ll have to get creative and random more often than usual, scripts and routine will be your downfall. The same way eating your favorite food 4 times in a row can be a turnoff, the same goes for having the same type of convos day in and day out. Try a joke or topic that you haven’t disused before, talk about tv shows or newsworthy stuff thats not overly negative or depressing. I wouldn’t complain about how shitty the rona is, we all know that and its like throwing eggs at a horse with broken legs, it’s just not right.

Less can sometimes be more in certain situations.

let your significant other rant to your about their day ad what’s been bugging them. 

Even better ask them about their daily goals and long term dreams, this will give you more insight into the chemistry and overall longevity for both of you If it’s the early stages of the relationship, keep it light and minimal, remember its a quarantine you don’t have to text every damn day.  A very big red flag is asking them everyday if they’ve been productive. 

When you’re aware of space and change it can be a plus in the relationship.

Let people use their free time how they want. 

We’re here to connect, not to coach. This goes double for yourself.  Be ok with being alone with your thoughts and being.  Pursue your goals and whatever it is you want to knockout. If your partner sees that you’re being busy they’ll most likely pick up something and become busy too eventually.

Not too busy for you, of course ^-^

Quarantine has affected everyone so don’t take it personal if your partner seems distant or unresponsive.  We’re all dealing with this in our own separate ways so allowing space to navigate is crucial. Most importantly over everything: keep your cool and don’t freak out.  You’ll be back outside wasting time in no time. 

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Quarantine Relationships
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