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Failing And Being Successful
What This Means And How To Apply It In Your Life
By Juda Posted in Lifestyle on April 1, 2020 3 min read
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Throughout life one of the best ways to become familiar with anything is to experience failure.

Joe Exotic

We all hate the word, i know that i do. You put effort and time into something for it not to come out how you wanted. That can be soul crushing. But failing is important to growth and long term planning. In order to achieve success you’ll have to experience failure in many different forms. These can range from emotions, life events and other situations that can arise. Many times when we hear and speak of failure it has a negative connotation to it but it’s not as bad as it seems.

Try to view the process of failure as a learning curve. An action that is critical to long term growth and personal development.

No one starts off as a genius. It’s even imperative that you experience some type of failure in your life journey. Even crazier is the notion that failure can bring added value to your life. Experience essentially adds value to your overall life due to the aspect of learning by trial. Failure in and of itself is an experience. Broken down to its true core you can begin to see the added benefits of failing. Many famous figures throughout our history have perfected their craft and trade of choice by doing these exact things.

Those who succeed never accepted failure.

They reflected, regrouped, reassessed and reworked their plan, ending up correcting past mistakes and eventually, success. You don’t have to remember these ”Five R’s” by heart. It’s crucial that they are understood.

There is no way to package success. There are things you can do throughout your process than can keep you on track and eliminate wasted time.

My upcoming book will address these procedures in the form of personal topics.

You need to have a solid path of action for who you are and what it is that you do. If you don’t have time you need to make time to reflect and think about your current journey. Time is constantly passing us by. Self-help material is abundant but knowing the method that you need to be successful is crucial. From books to visual audio books you’ll need to figure out just what type of learner you are and the best retention method that works for you.

Throughout this site and on my IG account I’ll be sharing insightful posts and suggestion of advice and wisdom that will aim to help you in your day to day life. Everyone has different paths to walk.

This is how we become influenced by others.

The key to personal development, developing the person or “yourself” to keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to jump out of the window and take that plunge to live, this is what failure allows us to do.

Thats pretty much it, along the way we will share a few laughs and of course stray from the conventional into the abstract for good measure. Diverse perspectives, viewpoints and ways of thinking will be explored and open commentary will always be wanted. While you’re here feel free to sign up for our weekly email newsletter which will contain new consider pieces, videos, upcoming topics and more. My hope is that every time you leave this site you gain value and better understanding of things in life, or just laugh ^-^. I appreciate you for reading this far and i thank you. Welcome.

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