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Essential: A Discussion About Work
Who's Important?
By Juda Posted in Coronavirus, Lifestyle, Work on April 9, 2020 4 min read
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Within the past two months conversation has gone on surrounding the status of every worker in the United States.

The usual conversation would be about who’s considered legal and who’s illegal. This new round of questioning brings into detail the makeup of careers and jobs : essential and non-essential.

It’s from these words decisions have been made on who gets to work and who gets to stay at home. It’s certainly a concern once you break down the essence of both definitions.

According to our current government someone who’s line of work is considered essential would fall under most of these categories: first responders, emergency and law enforcement, any sector crucial to the infrastructure and upkeep of the country including at a city and state level and any companies providing crucial and necessary product to keep the country going.

For anyone falling into other sectors the term “non-essential” becomes the label that gets used.

Some companies who fall under “non-essential” title have designated themselves as being “essential” by their own judgment. Consequently the workers are at a high risk. The fact that these companies can’t afford to shutdown should concern all of society and the government.

This is not the companies fault. Our governments failure to provide a quick and direct method of assistance is glaringly clear. It becomes a situation that clearly has no real winners on either side.

On one hand you have a business that is carrying on week by week with no real strategy. You have employees who are tasked with performing more duties as most of their own co workers are sent home. This is effect creates a very tense and negative workplace culture as a side effect.

The only question that joins all three of these classes is “when will this virus pandemic be over?”, the answer still unanswered by our government and news media pundits alike. I do believe that everyone has a role to fulfill when it comes to jobs. Labelling certain parts of society as important over others is just ripe for rebellion and anger.

It’s no surprise that there are still businesses who are continuing to function that aren’t essential. I blame society more than the companies that want nothing more than to stay afloat and debt free. As well for the essential workers there should be more assistance and benefits geared towards this class.

Unemployment benefits and emergency stimulus pay should go to essential employees. This would increase the overall mood and confidence for them.

This much can be said for the non-essential workers who are in dire need of general assistance. It is astounding how slow our nation has been in dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Also not having a clear guideline to enforce new rules has put many institutions an awkward position.

My anger lies not with the manager, founder, or supervisor. It begins with the upper ranks of government. Congress and those who execute bills that effect the working and lower class. The people who are most affected by the pandemic and who’s daily lives have been so uprooted and torn apart.

All of these people in my eyes are “essential” to the economy and make up of this country and to witness the total lack or disregard of action has been very disappointing.

Those of us in our early 20s to mid 30s saw countless presidential groups fail over and over again when it came to essential actions that were needed for the population at large.

My hope is that before April 30th we will begin to act with more wisdom and insight, to better attend to the needs of our most vulnerable population and to act with a human first initiative over a political one. History with this administration shows that warning signs go ignored. We may be in for levels of isolation and stagnation that haven’t been seen since the last great recession.

One $1200 check and a few weeks of extra benefits will not be enough. Who even knows by then what the status of the coronavirus will be like. All of us are carrying on the best that we can. Eventually we must ask our politicians and leaders to be more accountable and aware.

Perfection and failure to act out of fear will be our biggest enemies and we must combine speed with action to effectively combat this. Thank you very much for reading this far and i appreciate you all.

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