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Coronavirus And How It's Impacted Us
How Shit Got Real and What I'm Doing To Cope
By Juda Posted in Coronavirus, Lifestyle on April 1, 2020 5 min read
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It started off innocently enough.


Talks and whispers of some airborne virus that shared the same name of a popular Mexican beer drink. The jokes and memes basically wrote themselves.

After the first week of reporting cases it became somewhat real.

Once ordinances were passed and things began to shut down it got halfway real. Many companies small and large alike had to reconsider their future plans. Some were blessed enough to recover and share their stories. Others passed and became victims of the latest pandemic.

Nothing has taken on the kind of shape this coronavirus situation has.

In less than 3 weeks the America most of us knew for our lifetimes became flipped and gutted. Empty freeways and empty storefronts became the new normal. Some became defiant in the face of stay at home orders. Still choosing to engage with friends and remain as social as ever.

This is by no means an attack on the so called “essential” workers of the land.

Many like myself fell into that weird grey area of belonging to a company that wasn’t considered essential. Through savvy wordplay these companies managed to come up with a ghost definition that somewhat fits their structure.

Unemployment filings have been through the roof. For most that aid cannot come soon enough with bills still being due.

Just like putting something on layaway at Walmart we seemingly choose to keep tabs and lines open.

This coronavirus pandemic doesn’t have a timeline on when it wants to be done. A lot of us truly don’t have an idea of when our lives will become what we know again.

That can be frustrating and scary for most, it definitely is for myself and a few others i know.

Staying at home only has so many perks compared to being fully engaged with events etc.

A few of us have flourished in these isolated times. Creatives and entrepreneurs who successfully adapted and revamped their approach to everything including platform and actions. This is how this blog and my upcoming book got put into action. Watching my peers function with purpose inspired me. The important question was, “what things could you do with all of this new found free time?”.

For those who don’t know: before this pandemic my world consisted of work, events, and music. As soon as venues and restaurants shut down most of my own endeavors ended. Many of my peers lives were completely shutdown, and my god it sucked a lot.

Not to the point of depression but to the point of angst and nervousness. Cancelling future engagements, business plans and scheduled meet ups.

Some of us quietly regressed into the house. A handful of us decided to make the best of the times. Focusing energy towards creating stronger platforms and marketing our knowledge.

The response was huge and here we are: another platform for discussion, self-help tips and occasionally ranting. It is only out of pain, destruction or rejection that good ideas come from. The coronavirus is no different but what still remains in control is how we proceed and move forward.

Of course theres much to complain about: the unfairness of certain sectors being essential is still a big one. Also those having to show up to work thinking that their company doesn’t care about their health is another. Even the essential workers who are overworked and tired but who still have to show up.

Being grateful for things should be the positive force to keep us balanced. Grateful to be in good health, able bodied and thinking.

Everyone has different situations and its understandable, also no one can make you feel safe if you don’t feel safe and thats real. What I had to do and am sure some of you reading probably did this too was thinking in a different perspective from the businesses and corporations standpoint; potentially shutdown and layoff people for the immediate future or pay everyone to stay home and risk shutting the doors forever.

There’re even companies that have chosen to pay their workers to stay home while risking defaulting on their building rent, because the infrastructure and business were never designed for something such as the coronavirus.

Most people who work in America operate on a “hamster wheel” type of schedule, that is a typical 9 to 5, pay every week or two weeks, rinse, repeat.

Even with a savings or cushion that pattern of living is deeply ingrained into our society so to imagine even a month let alone a full year of this type of halt in production is bound to have long lasting consequences, some we’re feeling now and some unseen for the time being. For most we’ve settled for being positive, going along with the flow and keeping tabs on friends and loved ones to do mental checks because it’s a lot, and most of us are overwhelmed.

And thats ok, the world didn’t have a fast enough answer for coronavirus and now we’re forced to play catch up. In the meantime, making the best of things is key to maintaining a good outlook. Birthdays can always be rescheduled, trips as well, and it’s probably good that theres not much to spend money on as far as going out.

Developing good habits and long terms plans for yourself, finances and life would be great things to do with this life pause. The goal coming out of this once things are settled and society opens back up is to come back with so much more than what you went in with initially. Stick with this mindset and you’ll always feel good no matter the circumstances. Thanks for reading and i appreciate you all.

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