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Musician, dj, event planner and self-help writer. Currently writing for Thought Catalog. Based in Los Angeles. Book and workbooks coming soon. Visit my website for more articles and think pieces. Laughter, Love and Peace.

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Discovering Self - Part 1

Staying At Peace

This is part one in a new series on discovering ones self. What truly motivates you day in and day out to continue on?  Those of us who can answer this question quickly are blessed.  Constantly asking yourself what’s important enough to give time to can be exhausting mentally.  It’s easy to do mindless tasks […]

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Re-Opening Society

Maintaining A Flat Curve

Article discussing the re-opening of society following the shutdown from coronavirus.

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Quarantine Relationships

How To Beat The Social Distancing

Who would’ve ever though that these two words would be together: quarantine and relationships. Stuck inside with nothing but time, we’ve all literally been there.  How to hold a conversation via text with the same person you’ve been texting for weeks without contact.  Those FaceTime calls are getting less and less special by the hour. […]

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Finding Your Inner Worth in COVID-19

Dealing With Your Downtime

Exploring options and skills to help assist in utilizing downtime during the pandemic crisis.

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Staying Home, Can You Afford Too?

The Luxury Of Isolation

Think piece delving into the idea of staying home due to the ordinance and how this applies to non-essential workers and those laid off.

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Engaging Online: The Do's and Do Not's

Protect Your DM's

A bullet list of do’s and do not’s centered around online engagement on various social media sites. Includes guideliens for facebook, groupme and twitter.

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Essential: A Discussion About Work

Who's Important?

Think-piece discussing the issues with labeling workers essential and non essential. Identifying ways to help and offer direct help to those affected by COVID-19.

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