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About Me

That’s me on the right with the chain lol

My story is all over the place: Los Angeles born and raised, descendant of sharecroppers, Caribbean folk and indigenous people. Artist, dj, event planner, author and all around gift of gabber, most people know me by these three names: Juda, Ale-Jhay or Joseph. Whichever you choose to call me is fine. Some say I’m funny, others say I’m a social butterfly . The only thing that everyone can agree upon is that I talk ALOT and there’s ALWAYS an opinion on something going on. After years of blogging, writing, performing and entertaining people I figured “ok, dust the tap dancing shoes off and let’s give it another go” and here we are. Another website filled with articles and pieces of info that will provide you with new knowledge and insight on things that I’ve come across in my lifetime. If you want to collaborate on something feel free to email me, same goes for anything that you might have a concern on. My pieces are meant for self-discover, self-help, laughter and mental growth. I appreciate you for reading this far and for visiting my site and i thank you. It takes a village ^-^

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